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What We Do


Public Relations

Strategic Communications

Grassroots Outreach

Social Media


Communications Services

Messaging is key in the culture of politics. Our team is skilled and equipped to provide services to help you plan, strategize and enhance your message to expand your audience.

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Political Services

Whether you are running for office or driving an issue campaign, you need an expert team to win. Saint Solaris offers services to organize, educate and grow your campaign, seeing you through the finish line.

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Creative Services

One of the most important aspects of successful campaigning is visual communication with the public. Our team is comprised of award-winning creatives and experts in our fields. We can help you create a lasting brand with a dynamic website and compelling digital content.

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Education and skill-ups for all Virginia Saints!

Want to make an impact and take your advocacy or activism to the next level?

Saint Solaris facilitates Radshops covering a variety of topics such as grassroots lobbying, community organizing, strategic planning, effective leadership, narrative building, slaying social media, language justice and being an ally.

Choose from our existing Radshops or work with the Saints to develop a dynamic customized training.

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Who We Are

Saint Solaris is a new type of social justice agency providing opportunities for talented individuals to use their skills and expertise to make the world a better place in partnership with you. From centering voices from disenfranchised communities to a built-in system of reparations, Saint Solaris exists to build equity and make positive social change. Being a radical agency means that our values come first.

Our Core Values


Racial Justice

Grassroots Leadership


Radical Inclusion


People Power

Social Justice




Mutual Aid



Saint Solaris harnesses the skills, power and expertise of talented individuals with a variety of life experiences to partner with campaigns and organizations that are committed to social justice.

Our Team

The co-founders of Saint Solaris have worked on social justice issues as part of many different coalitions. Bringing together a complementary diversity of experience and skills, Saint Solaris is a new vehicle to partner in this work.

Political candidates, organizations and institutions need information from those impacted about the most pressing issues in our communities in order to respond in healthy, affirming ways and Saint Solaris is here to help. All co-founders are trained in womanist theology and ethics, informing our approach to the work. Saint Solaris is based in Richmond, Virginia and offers statewide services.

Lana Heath de Martinez

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Reverend Leonina Arismendi Zarkovic

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Who We Assist

Saint Solaris partners with campaigns, organizations, and agencies that share our core values.

Schools/Faith Communities/Social Entrepreneurs & Agencies

Your institution is influencing our culture and environment. Every day is an opportunity to be a change-maker. Saint Solaris offers workshops and services to keep your team dynamic and your work healthy and liberating for everyone in your community.


Your organization exists to make social change. Saint Solaris will take your campaigns and digital presence to the next level, expanding your reach and framing your message for maximum appeal.

Political Campaigns

Social change requires bold and innovative representatives who will bring the voices of their constituents to the forefront of policy discussions in the public sphere. Whether you are running for a local office or President of the United States, Saint Solaris will work with you on every aspect of your campaign.

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