Education and skill-ups for all Virginia Saints!

Want to make an impact and take your advocacy or activism to the next level?

Saint Solaris facilitates Radshops covering a variety of topics such as grassroots lobbying, community organizing, strategic planning, effective leadership, narrative building, slaying social media, language justice and being an ally.

Choose from our existing Radshops or work with the Saints to develop a dynamic customized training.

Grassroots Lobbying

Who holds the power?

When should we mobilize?

What is our message?

Where can we find legislation that has been introduced?

Let’s be real,  legislators are normal people with special titles.

However, the legislative process is complex; the jargony language makes interacting difficult; and one key thing missing from the Virginia General Assembly is strategy.

This radshop explores the legislative process, unlocks the opaque portals to finding information, suggests effective ways to communicate with legislators and touches on building a legislative strategy.

Community Organizing

What’s your strategy?

Who makes the decisions?

Who are your targets?

What are your goals?

Organized communities leverage people power, collective knowledge and skills to effect social change. Whether defending your neighbors from deportations or trying to pass a bill, a solid strategy will make you more effective. This rad-shop guides participants in creating organizing strategies, crafting a compelling message, and building broad coalitions.

Strategic Planning

By being proactive you set yourself up in a position to be effective and stay on task in any environment. So many distractions can arrive that can take you off your plan and in order to be effective you have to identify those *whirlwinds* and prioritize your response. With a strategic plan you will always know where you are going no matter what surprises try to throw you off course.

Effective Leadership Skill Up

How are leaders measured?

What makes a great leader?

Who is a leader?

These are some questions that are asked when your current assignment includes being a leader. We explore together ways to build confidence and equip your team. Discuss how one in a position of power and privilege can leverage and work toward a horizontal view of power distribution.

Narrative Builder

Building a proactive narrative places you in a position to be seen as powerful and authentic in the eyes of patrons. Whether you are a Non-profit, Political Candidate or Business,  how people perceive you is based on the narrative that you are promoting.

What message do you want your potential prospects to see? What idea are you trying to sell? These are questions that are vital in the process of building a narrative especially if you want your message to stick.

Slaying Social Media

You have the power at any given moment to reach 1,000’s of people through your social media channels with your message. In this Radshop you will learn how to create a message and campaign, manage your social media presence and create organic clout that translates into a loyal base following online that can be mobilized for offline action.

Language Justice

Accessibility is essential when making spaces safe and social justice oriented. In this radshop we teach you the importance of language accessibility. We discuss how to service monolingual communities and how to make your organization accessible and culturally  sensitive. Resources are provided for staff training along with contacts for language service agencies throughout Virginia.

Being An Ally 101 & 102

What is privilege?

What does it take to be an ally?

How do you show up to a space?

101- Being an ally is an on-going process that we all continuously work on.

This introduction to social justice will challenge your view of the world and give you ideas on how to leverage power in your daily life, as well as covering the basics of intersectionality.

102- This one is for allies ready to dismantle!

Want to tear down systems of oppression? This Radshop is for you!